A simple and powerful tool

much more than a simple videoconferencing tool
a complete B2B platform for sales team

A platform in your colors, secure and without downloading

Decline your brand communication thanks to graphic personalization. Add your company logo, choose a background color or photo and give your prospects an experience from the first few seconds. A customer relationship starts from the beginning with the personalization of your B2B meeting.

The sales playbook up to date and with permanent access for sales-team

Use all the sales support tools at your disposal to perform during your B2B videoconference: checklists, sales pitches, battlecards, Powerpoint or pdf presentations. Make more intuitive meeting and improve your pipeline.

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Transcription and recording of B2B meetings

Whether it's to improve, to find information, lead scoring, or simply to report on a B2B meeting, access the audio recording or the written transcription of your videocall. Optimize your sales funnel, pipeline and lead-generation.

Analytics and interactive report

Find the complete schedule of your B2B meeting with the interactive report available to you and your customers. Thanks to statistics, measure your performance, ROI, that of your sales-rep or your sales support tools: interactions, performances or even downloading of your presentations.

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CRM software synchronization and integrations with your calendar

No more drudgery of double entry, Verticalls synchronizes your B2B meeting data with your CRM software. Keep your habits and create your Verticalls B2B meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar thanks to the addons available for free on the marketplaces.

All the features

100 % inside your browser

Verticalls does not require any download or installation. Your sales-force have secure and permanent access to their working environment and sales pipeline.

Complies with GDPR regulations

Hosted in Europe, we take into account the respect of your data and those of your potential customers and customers. Verticalls is developed in compliance with the laws in force.

Sales-force sales management with access rights

With our 4 levels of rights, Verticalls adapts to the organization of your business, sales pipeline, whether for a self-employed person or a large group.

Secured and own branded virtual sales room

Your potential customers access to B2B meetings with a simple link, whether from a computer, tablet or smartphone. No installation or download necessary which guarantees a smooth experience for customer relationship management and sales person.

The classic features of videoconferencing

Find the essentials of basic B2B videocall, screen sharing, chat, sound and camera management, list or grid display and focus on the speaker speaking.

Illimited HD meetings

Thanks to our technology, we offer HD video in order to increase the experience of your potential customers and bring a deeper notion of proximity between sales and marketing teams and potential customers / prospect.

Always on screen

Perfect integration into the interface, stay focused on your conversation without being disturbed by other tools or tabs to manage. That facilitate your customer relationship management and your sales pipeline.

Recording with timestamping

Offer to record the conversation to your prospect/potential customer because he too can retrieve it (and that's help for sales enablement)! During the conversation you can in 1 click put a red thumb or a green thumb on the key moments of the conversation (your customer too). No need to listen to an hour of conversation again, with the markers you just have to get to the point! More time for more sales opportunities and better sales performance. . You can use it also for helping the marketing automation.

Written notes, evaluations and speaker notes

Take your notes directly in the interface without taking your eyes off your prospect/ potential customer, assess their interest in your proposal in 3 clicks and find your speaker notes during the projection of your sales documents.


Create as many customer/prospect questionnaires as you want for your sales enablement. Whether for single choice, multiple or text answers. You can also order your questions in order to establish a common thread for your conversations. Do not forget to ask a question and change your checklists over the course of the discussions to increase the qualification of your customers. Better customer relationship with the good information, the best way to have more sales opportunities.


Stop sharing your local desktop !
With Verticalls, while you are in discussion with your prospect/potential customer, you simply access your sales documents and share them on the screen in 1 click. You have at your disposal a virtual pointer and the possibility of sharing your documents with your prospect/potential customer at the end of the presentation. A better dashboard for a better customer relationship management and sales opportunities.


Create as many cards as you want for sales tools box and sales enablement. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors so that your teams can argue reliably. During a conversation, if information is missing your sales representatives can add a comment. All you have to do is amend the form!


Whether it is for a seasoned salesperson or a junior, it is always important to have the best arguments in front of you to answer the objections of your customers, prospect or potential customer. It's a good tool for your sales enablement and to make your prospection. With Verticalls your sales arguments are enriched over time and all of your teams have access to them!

B2B Meeting transcript

The best of technologies and the one that cannot be seen! Our Artificial Intelligence analyzes all of your meetings for you and helps with your ROI and sales pipeline. You can ask him at the end of each meeting to transcribe the entire conversation and analyze the important sequences such as the questions asked. You get a full report of your B2B meeting and you can analyze the behavior of your sales-rep teams to improve interactions of prospects or potential customers.

Interactive B2B meeting report

At the end of each B2B meeting your sales-rep representatives have access to a complete report including the timeline with all interactions, notes, recording, evaluations, chat history. This report can be completed before being synchronized with your sales CRM.

B2B Meetings statistics

Always with the aim of the continuous improvement of your sales teams, Verticalls provides you with the important KPIs of all B2B meetings, average time spent per B2B meeting, number of prospects or potential customers, use of sales support tools, and word. More customer data is the best way to have the better sales lifecycle.

Resources statistics

Verticalls analyzes all the sales support tools for you and gives you an exhaustive view of their performance and use. Each document is analyzed whether it is in terms of the time spent on each slide or the cumulative analyzes of the responses to your customer questionnaires. This analysis allows you to develop your tools and visualize the evolution of performance from one version to another.

Synchronized with your CRM

Verticalls is the only video to be connected to your commercial stack in 1 click. We natively integrate HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and ZohoCRM. You can invite a customer present in your CRM to a meeting and if there is no Verticalls will create it for you when the meeting data is synchronized.

Create meetings directly from your calendar

Verticalls is available for free in Google and Microsoft marketplaces, allowing you to maintain your work habits and create your meetings from your usual calendar. You can also use Verticalls with solutions such as Calendly by inserting the unique link of your Verticalls space in the meeting requests.

A specific integration?

We can also develop specific integrations, whether at the level of existing CRMs in Verticalls or yours. Contact us to discuss it.

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